Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga a Couple

Coming from a dance group called “Street Boys”, Vhong Navarro has come a long way with his career; and with his dream of proving himself as the Best Comedy Actor next to the King of Comedy, Dolphy. A couple of years ago, Vhong decided to take acting seriously in the field of pure comedy as well as comedy-romance. Since then, people loved him even more.

Not only in front of the camera does Vhong exhibit his being funny but among people he works with. He shares that making people laugh is quite a hard thing to do; I supposed he’s not the only comedian who has the same belief. But Vhong is one of a kind. He has learned the talent of naturally bringing out a light heart and clear mind which result to an effortless job, that is, to make people happy.

Vhong has already made a number of films which gained success. Some of these are Agent X-44, D’ Anothers and Lastikman. He’s currently portraying Betty La Fea’s (Bea Alonzo) geek best friend in the TV series, I Love Betty La Fea. But among his movies and actresses he’s worked with, Toni Gonzaga remains as his ‘best comedy partner’ and in real life the rumored ‘best-romantic partner’.

There are actually a lot of people who commented about their great team-up in their latest movie, My Only U which is actually different from their one of the first movies together, D’ Anothers. Toni on the other hand, doesn’t want to give any comments about this though she admits that Vhong is really kind and sweet to her. While Vhong respects Toni’s silence regarding the issue, he keeps on making people feel that his lines in their recent movie are just as true as to real life.

This prince of comedy may not be the best-looking actor in the Philippine movie industry, but he captures the heart of every woman who gets attracted to his sociable and charming look. He has been paired several times to a couple of gorgeous women in the industry, but it cannot be denied that the public demands for the “almost true” girlfriend, that is, Ms. Toni Gonzaga.

Despite his big name behind a great success, he remains humble and always ready to put a smile to everyone’s face and leave a special kind of glee to all his supporters’ hearts.

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  2. ok kau…. super duper bagay kau
    more power on ur works
    just pray olweiZzZ..
    luv yah.. tlagang bgay kau

  3. I dont life your partiner Toni Gonzaga

  4. tayo ang bagay ang pangit ng katabi mo. joke only hahaha.

  5. is vhong navarro vaklah? parang siyang vaklah sa tingin ko.

  6. bgay tlaga kyo ni toni sna magka movie ulit kyo together….

    and sna ma meet ko kyo in person_0323…….

  7. pUgEeE tAlAgUh Ni vHoNg ….!!!!

  8. sna lge kau mgkapakners..pra aus haha paburit q kaung dlwa e..s0bra!!!!!! ngats kau lge=)))))))))))

  9. Ang Pangit Pangit ng Vhong Navaro na yan, pero ang yababng yabang, Puringot!!!

  10. lam u bgay kau pero mas bagay kame akin kalang vhong?///

  11. hindi xia bakla!! hmpp ginaganyan nio ung kuya ko bad”heheh!! =)