Richard Gutierrez stars on the Philippine adaptation of Zorro

Richard Gutierrez—the mere mention of his name gives me a headache, or makes me want to puke. Sometimes both. But a lot of people love him, and are anticipating his newest action-packed (yeah right) big-budget soap opera where he plays the fictional Mexican character Zorro.

The press-con launch of the TV show was deemed to be one of the grandest that GMA 7 has done so far. And as if his head isn’t big enough because of people’s blind admiration of him, Richard Gutierrez decides he just doesn’t want to walk in the press-con. He FLEW. Yes, he flew using a harness, and made a grand appearance.

With the trail of EPIC FAIL remakes of GMA 7, we’re not impressed by all the grand launching anymore. They promised their remakes of Shaider and Lupin would be great, but they were all lame!

Zorro is set to premiere on Monday, March 23, starring Richard “Awesome” Guiterrez and her leading lady Rhian Ramos. GMA 7 says to expect some of the most awesome action scenes they did, and watch out for a great story line, but they’re not fooling anyone anymore.

Richard Gutierrez Zorro

Richard Gutierrez Zorro

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