Pinoy Hunks Shirtless for Bench Blackout

See your favorite Pinoy bold stars shirtless

Several Pinoy hunks who are also Bench models took their shirts off for a Blackout photo shoot for Bench. Okay, so aside from the obvious reason that these “Pinoy bold stars” have a nice physique, another point of interest and appreciation is the quality of the photos and the creativity of the shoot. I like the whole dark (well, of course), smoke-on-the-water prop of the pictures, and I also commend the actors for looking not bad. Hey look! Jay-ar’s head doesn’t look like a skull, does it? And Marco Alcaraz’ nostrils look smaller than they really are, which is humongous. That’s probably because he had his head tilted down, but overall, not bad, really.

If you want to see more Pinoy hunks, you can easily browse through the previous posts on the side bar. The pictures below are Sam Milby, Brent Javier, Jay-ar, and Marco Alcaraz respectively.

pinoy bold stars

pinoy bold stars

pinoy bold stars

pinoy bold stars

pinoy bold stars

pinoy bold stars

20 Responses to “Pinoy Hunks Shirtless for Bench Blackout”

  1. they are so bad!
    they get bold to look sexy
    please stop doing this

  2. its not bad to be sexy in magazines
    but sometimes think about what would
    other person


  4. panget mo

  5. oo ang pangit ni donya dionisia…hawig siya ni dyan castillejo……at pia guanio…

  6. parang kargador sa palengke si jay-r na natapilok sa putikan

  7. Well … it is the bench DENIM and UNDERWEAR fashion show so obviously you have show your underwear ~_~ … and pano naman nakikita kung may suot kang shirt and pants?

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  11. im just curious about ur a pinoy bold star feature

  12. hoy mga baklang panget! at kelots na plastik! kunwari pa kayo… ang totoo gustong2x nyo rin yan dil pwede nyo na sila pagpantasyahan!!!! babu

  13. they are so sexy!!!! i love them!!!

  14. ganda ng body nila super!…

  15. H

  16. pa sex nman jan

  17. ano ba… wag naman kayong KJ. ppicture na nga lang ang dinidilaan ko pinagkakait nyo pa… gusto ko na ngang chupain yung malaking titi ni sam milby eh…. gusto ko siyang dilaan sa buong katawan tapos sisipsipin ko yung tamod niya… tapos susupsupin ko din yung nipples nya at magsesex kame ng buong araw… YUUUUMM!!!

  18. sn pkita nyo ung notes nyo.

  19. wla ba c dingdong dantes dyn?

  20. not so hot
    i dont really like it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>