Mark Herras

He’s known as the Bad Boy of the Dance Floor. It’s a well-deserved title. Indeed, Mark Herras is a livewire when it comes to dancing, and he has danced his way to stardom. It was for his fancy dance moves, along with her killer smile, that viewers of the Star Struck talent search voted to make him the show’s Ultimate Male Survivor in 2004.

Showbiz success did not stop there. Mark was given premium roles in various GMA-7 television shows such as I LUV NY and Fantastic Man, where he got to showcase his versatility. He also landed major roles in movies including Super Noypi, Eternity and Love Struck.

Besides being known for his dancing prowess, Mark has also earned a reputation as a ladies’ man. In the relatively brief period that he has been in the limelight, he has been linked to various young actresses and celebrities. This is not really surprising, since his boy-next door stance can easily charm women and put them under his spell.

While Mark’s boyish charm would not go unnoticed by anybody, it is his talents that kept him where he is today, in the front ranks of young stars who now playing leading men.


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