John Lloyd Cruz: Single for good

John Lloyd Cruz and Liz Uy Split

John Lloyd Cruz’s long time girlfriend Liz Uy had broken up for good. Two famous names have been coming up in the issue: Ruffa Guitierrez John Lloyd’s co-star at the hit teleserye I Love Betty La Fea and one of his leading lady in the movie “A Very Special Love” and “You Changed My Life” Sarah Geronimo.

John Lloyd or some fondly calls Lloydie has already confirmed that they had indeed broken up but would refuse to further delve into details regarding the issue. He just said that time is very much needed right now and would eventually give a better statement in due time.

John Lloyd Cruz talks about Ruffa and Sarah

Though Lloydie refuses to give details about the break-up he did however clarified the issue regarding the involvement of a third party. He said, “Hindi fair para sa kanilang dalawa. First, gusto kong mag-apologize dahil nadadamay ‘yung pangalan nila. Kay Sarah and si Ruffa. Unang-una hindi naman kasi sila ganung klaseng babae to run after a guy na committed. Nakakahiya nga sa kanila eh, sa totoo lang,”

The actor however admitted that Sarah had been special to him but he was quick to clarify that though she is special it doesn’t necessarily mean that he would have to court her and be in a committed relationship. Both are just happy that they are comfortable with each other.

John Lloyd also denied that he and Ruffa are in a relationship. He said that Ruffa had undergone hard times and that people should know that she is not capable to ruin somebody else’s relationship.

There are so many speculations going on with the issue but at least Lloydie had clarified the truth about the break-up. Perhaps the detailed statement from John Lloyd Cruz would stop people from further speculating about the reason of the break-up.

john lloy cruz single

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