Half-naked Joem Bascon billboards in EDSA

If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough of Piolo Pascual, then you’re in luck because it seems that his lookalike Joem Bascon who could really pass off for his twin, is gracing EDSA and creating a big stir. Joem Bascon only started showbiz in 2006, but has had a number of excellent projects and has acted opposite great actors already. But what’s more important is that Joem Bascon’s half-nakedness is creating a buzz more than his acting talent.

Being an endorser for Folded and Hung, Joem Bascon eventually had to almost strip naked and get people to notice him, I mean F&H. Below are pictures of Joem Bascon half-naked. If you’re someone who’s not too crazy about Piolo Pascual or Joem Bascon, you wouldn’t know that it’s not Piolo. I didn’t, until I noticed that something was somehow off with the poses. The model didn’t look gay.

Piolo Pascual fans will be lucky to know that there is a non-gay version of their idol by the name of Joem Bascon, sent down by the heavens for the sake of the thousands of women who are still hoping Piolo is straight. Enjoy the Joem Bascon shirtless pics.

half-naked joem bascon folded and hung

25 Responses to “Half-naked Joem Bascon billboards in EDSA”

  1. your so look a like piolo pascual

  2. tama baka sabihin namna bading ci bascon lalaki cila ni piolo

  3. Waa, s0 hot,ang gwapo nga’
    Hmp’sna ma mit kta,harhar

  4. mas lalaki cya tingnan ke piolo pero striking ang resemblance

  5. Look alikes never really make it big as the original …
    besides piolo sings and acts so well … he really is an artist

  6. your sa hot!!!!!!!!!
    nice to taste your body!!!!
    c’mon sex with me!!!!!!!!!

  7. c’mon fuck with me..
    chupa ta nga duwa..

  8. sarap..
    cguro malasa ka hanuhh?
    sarap munng chupain…tiyak
    na maliki yunng etits mo ..enn 4 sure dae neang bulbull.
    gubat na yan wee

  9. eyot nga tau ang sarap mo kc eh malaki ang oten mo masarap supsupin eyot tau three times a day ah ah ah ah

  10. if joem bascon looks like piolo pascual, means also a gay?????????????!!!!!!!1ha ha ha ah

  11. hai! joem ur so cute… gud luck sa career mo and god bless u! send mo naman ako ng new pic mo sa email sa fs koh! mhel_cruz19@yahoo.com…. tnx

  12. what the…? comments here are ridiculous..he is just a mediocre

  13. hello ur so hot

  14. joem is joem, piolo is piolo…..
    i love joem rather than piolo….
    joem a really supreme model……………
    mahal na kita hehehehehe

  15. U’re hands0me. Lucky you because it seems when God showers His blessing of “kagwapuhan”, ur outside ur house and took all the blessing. Sorry! My boyfriend is as much gwapo than u are. Ahahay…

  16. super poge

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  18. sarap mag jakol ……………

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  20. hahahaha gay nmn tlga saya i mean may gay jowa na nag pasikat sa knya dba nga lagi syng blind item ni cristy fermin

  21. great post as usual!

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  23. Gwapo talaga ni Piolo!kaya nga na inlove si Sam Milby..lol

  24. SHiiiiiiiiiiiiT…………. lovE it!!

  25. hay naku, siguro pag ako naka billboard,maski puta na sawa na sa kung alin titi nga la sa akin.