Dingdong Dantes & Karyll's Break-up

From being a teenager heartthrob to a full-grown gentleman, Dingdong Dantes has gone too far with his showbiz career and he has proven that having the looks, body and attitude, he can be the public’s only man. It is very obvious too that Dingdong is every female celebrity’s “dream guy.” We cannot forget the time when he started in showbiz with love team Antoinette Taus whom became his real-life girlfriend.

After his past affair with the lady, he then committed himself to Karyll, daughter of singer Zsa-Zsa Padilla. For a few years, Dingdong and Karyll stayed happily together. Now, Dingdong is facing one of the most controversial issues he has ever encountered in his showbiz life. He’s now off with his relationship with Karyll and controversy, itself tells that the Dingdong-Marian love team is the one to blame. Dingdong did not say anything about the issue at first, but for a couple of weeks, the issue remained on its height. So, Dingdong tried to explain his side, but issues can’t be stopped.

Though people can see how Dingdong and Marian go perfectly together, still GMA 7’s heartthrob never admits that their relationship is more than the usual friendship which they are trying to make the people believe in. The public may either be wrong or right with whatever précised speculation they have about Dingdong and Marian. It just cannot be ignored that today’s most popular love team is just “too real” with their “sweet nothings”, even before the break-up.

Somehow, Dingdong as well as Marian and Karyll are taking these tough controversies as normal as possible. They strive to do their job the way it has to be done. Life has to continue, and Dingdong is showing us that it issues, no matter how hard they may be, can never put a valiant and admirable Dingdong Dantes down.

A movie with Marian Rivera and Iza Calsado is about to be seen in national film theaters which will surely make a big hit in the Philippine movie industry. Dingdong undoubtedly gives his best on this movie despite pressures brought by recent issues.

5 Responses to “Dingdong Dantes & Karyll's Break-up”

  1. evn jst u r both n a break up time na,u both bagay parin 4 evr …..i love u 2 both of u .k@dong parin 4 ever talaga “”i love ur teleserye last2 year which s d encantadia..ako c amihan s aming grupo..c mis karyl ang kaibigan k blang alina..at ang crush k naman ang blang c ebrio or ebrehem,,;;”'””..muah:;'””

  2. same here gusto ko c dingdong and karyl…..

    c marianne palengkera kasi….

  3. karylle is more beautiful, talented n intelligent dan Marian!

  4. karylle n dingdong forever…!!!

  5. luv u karyl & dong..mabuhay kau…malandi c marian..mukhang siopao..hahaha..