Christopher de Leon Remains as Best Actor

From Lino Brocka up to newest young professional directors, Christopher de Leon is still considered as one of the most respectable actors of the country. It has been three decades ago when Christopher’s talent in acting was discovered by famous and noble director Lino Brocka. His first movie ever is Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang where he gathered awards and admiration of many movie supporters.

After the said classic film, Christopher de Leon played various roles in many different films that obtained great success in the entire history of Philippine movie industry. Today, after thirty years and despite his age, Christopher is still making remarkable and excellent films. Lately, he starred a film where he did with real life friends Jinggoy Estrada and Philip Salvador. The film entitled “Magkaibigan” is based from a real life story of a group of friends.

In this movie, Christopher has shown the public that since the movie is based on real story, he can act very natural just like what he always does in any acting role that he plays. Because of his genuine acting talent, Christopher received the best actor award in the recently held Metro Manila Film Festival Award. Some suspected that it would be Jericho Rosales for the film Baler where the young actor also played a good role, exhibiting his acting skill. But no one beats the Christopher de Leon of all time.

Indeed, Christopher de Leon remains as best actor of the Philippine movie industry. And perhaps, when the time comes that he decides to retire from the job, he would still be looked up as one of the most dignified actors ever acted in several award-winning films.

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