Hayden Kho Sex Video Selling Like Hotcake Overseas

Hayden Kho sex video with Katrina Halili and a string of other women have reached international shores.  In Malaysia, the video is being sold for 15 Malaysian ringgit (about $4).  The sex videos being sold come in pirated DVD discs and are illegally sold along the streets and small stores.  Since the internet is an open source for the sex videos, it is no wonder why people from Malaysia will think of turning this into business.  A vendor in Malaysia says that he sells at average of 40 to 50 of these Hayden Kho videos.

Another country where the Hayden Kho sex scandal has reached is Saudi Arabia.  Overseas Filipino workers in the Middle Eastern country are surprised to find these DVD’s.  The Saudi Arabians are buying the videos illegally and we don’t know from whom and who manufactures the DVDs.

OFW’s in both of these countries are not welcoming this news.  They feel ashamed because when Malaysians and Saudi Arabians ask them what their nationality is, the Hayden Kho sex video will be asked next when they answer Filipinos.  This is a very sad scandal for all of us Filipinos.  It’s tainting how other view us as people.  Now, we are famous for sex video.  We should change this image ASAP.

Hayden Kho Sex Video