Pinoy Bold Stars you shouldn’t miss out

The Philippines – not surprisingly – has their fair share of exciting, controversial and sexy bold stars. Bringing in the stimulation needed to garner box-office ticket sales, and delivering the juiciest stories ever, these Pinoy bold stars almost have nothing to bare.

From innocent nymphs to experienced seductress, these bold stars can play any role needed to fulfill the big screen’s desires. Here are some of the most popular Pinoy bold stars:

Angel Locsin
This fair skinned beauty is not only sexy, but multi-talented as well. Considered as a complete package for the majority of the Filipino male population, Locsin’s spot in the limelight ranged from the multiple roles she played. From being a superhero wearing a very flashy and skimpy outfit in Darna, to being a wolf-like creature in Lobo, the many roles Locsin had played can only equal in number to the endeavors she had pursued. Ranked twice as the sexiest woman in the world in a local men’s magazine, Locsin is also a fashion designer and film producer. With the many things that can be said to her, it comes at no surprise that the sexy, yet down-to-earth actress has many suitors.

The Soft Drink Beauties
Pepsi Paloma, Coca Nicolas and Sarsi Emmanuel. The three, shapely (softdrink body figure = sexy) actresses, collectively known as the Soft Drink Beauties, made their mark in the Pinoy bold star scene as the sexiest vixens to appear in the big screen during the bomba (sexy movies) era of the 80s. Known for playing bizarre roles (snake people that consume their lovers) in equally outlandish settings (Snake Sisters; 1984, Virgin Forest, 1985), the three sexy starlets, unfortunately, also showed the public how surreal and depressing their real lives were. Pepsi Paloma died by hanging herself, which according to some, was due to a then-pending rape case. Sarsi Emmanuel fell victim to poverty, with her even working as a sideshow attraction at a local carnival. Coca Nicolas faded into obscurity.

Iwa Moto
A rare combination of Japanese sensuality and Filipino bravado, this fine young sexy star is known for her fiery personality. A mainstay in local male sexy magazines, her pictures have depicted her in different scenarios, both in various states of both dressed and undressed. Her violent temper was also recently revealed to the public, when the distressed sexy bold star smashed her ex-boyfriend’s car’s windshield.

Pinoy bold stars are some of the most daring and exciting personalities ever to grace the local entertainment scene. Angel Locsin shows class and grace can be synonymous on having a sexy figure. The Soft Drink Beauties showed that their campy and steamy characters, if not properly managed or guided, can result in disaster. Iwa Moto proved that being a nubile woman is no reason to go up against a commonly stereotyped stronger sex (the male species, which of course, has no basis at all). These are just some of the many popular Pinoy bold stars to explode in the Philippines. Check out the local entertainment news scene for the latest scoop on these vixens!

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